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History of the American Clock Business...
                                      Life of CHAUNCEY JEROME,

                                                                                        WRITTEN BY HIMSELF.
                    New Haven: 1860
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A title by Chauncey Jerome, who was a Clockmaker in the early 1800s. He made a fortune selling his clocks, and his business became enormous. Deciding to go into business for himself, Jerome began to make cases, trading them to Terry for wooden movements. In 1850 he formed the Jerome Manufacturing Co. as a joint-stock company with Benedict & Burnham, brass manufacturers of Waterbury. His future should have been secure but in 1855 he bought out a failed Bridgeport clock company controlled by P.T. Barnum, which wiped him out financially, leaving the Jerome Manufacturing Co. bankrupt.


     What You Will Find In This Wonderful Old Publication ?

JEROME'S EARLY HISTORY ...   (Birthplace; nail making; death of my Father; leaving home; work on a farm; hard times;
                                                       the great eclipse; bound out as a carpenter; carry tools thirty miles; work on clock dials...

EARLY HISTORY OF YANKEE CLOCK MAKING ... (opposition to Yankee pedlars in the South; make clocks in Virginia and
                                                                                 South Carolina; his trip to the South)...

BRASS CLOCKS—CLOCKS IN ENGLAND...    (The new clock a favourite; he carried on the business alone; good times;
                                                                           profits in 1841; wood clock makers half crazy; competition; prices reduced;
                                                                          can Yankee clocks be introduced into England; he sends out a cargo; ridiculed
                                                                          by other  clock makers; prejudice of English people against American
                                                                          manufacturers; how they were introduced; seized by custom house officers.)

NEW HAVEN AS A BUSINESS PLACE...         (growth, extensive manufactories, facilities for manufacturing, population,
                                                                           wealth, etc.)
APPENDIX...    (  General directions for keeping clocks in order, etc.)

And Much Much More...

Written in m Jerome's simple language, and in a bungling manner, he has told his story of his life.
As he said, he is no author, but claims a title which he considers nobler, that of a "Mechanic." Being possessed of a remarkable memory, and able to give a minute account and even the date of every important transaction of his whole life, he distinctly remembers events which took place when he was but a child, three and a half years old, and how he celebrated his fourth birthday. He could relate many instances of his boyhood and later day experiences if his health, and strength would permit. It had been no part of his plan to boast, exaggerate, or misrepresent anything, but to give only the "plain facts.

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